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              Address:No.32-2, Chengnan                  Road, Xinqu                  District, Wuxi City,                  Jiangsu Province.
              Supervision Hotline(13812080335)
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              Jiangsu Kaiyuan Steel Tube Co., Ltd was established in 2004 with headquarter located in Economic Development District of Wuxi New Developed Area, which covers more than 100,000 sqm. At present the group includes two subsidiaries-Wuxi Kaiyuan Steel Tube Industry Co., Ltd and Wuxi Xingang Logistic Co., Ltd.
              Wuxi Kaiyuan Steel Tube Industry Co., Ltd was primarily established in 1989 as former group company, professionally dealing with high-accuracy, cold and hot rolled seamless steel tubes with small/medium/large wall thickness. The company has been keeping striving for its marketing faith as Live for Good Service, Develop for Win-Win and Create Benefits and Great Opportunities for Cooperators. It has become the agent for manufacturers such as Hunan Hualing Heng Steel Distribution Co., Ltd, Pan Steel Group Chengdu Steel Co., Ltd, Ye Steel Group 170 Seamless Steel Tube Co., Ltd and Tianjin Steel Tube Co., Ltd etc and has set up branches, offices and sales departments at Shanghai, Nanjing, Changzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Baotou, Huangshi, Suzhou, Changshu, Yixing, Jiangyin, Ningbo and Zhongchu etc with customers all over the nation, especially in Eastern of China.
              The company has been keeping adjustment for current strategic arrangement according to the markets with fierce competitions and deepening the marketing faith further. It separated the storage business from Wuxi Kaiyuan Steel Tube Industry Co., Ltd and established Wuxi Xingang Logistic Co., Ltd, aiming at providing customers with the greatest service. Wuxi Kaiyuan Steel Tube Industry Co., will focus on current marketing business for better and more professionalism. Both companies will support each other for further development, composing main business of Jiangsu Kaiyuan Steel Tube Co., Ltd.

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